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Setup a wholesale account for discounted pricing

Everything about wholesale shopping is better with Proxy. Seriously.

We're all about selection, quality, and convenience. Our gym wholesale program allows us to provide the necessary products, from holds to hardware, to you directly at a lower cost than retail. From our in-house manufacturing to our storefront, Proxy Climbing bridges the gap between top-notch hold brands and climbing gyms of all sizes. We've got over 100 sets in stock for immediate shipping. Forget the spreadsheet, share your cart with the setting family, and get a visual reminder of what you've already ordered.

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A route setter selecting climbing holds.

Why do wholesale with Proxy?

Discover sets with ease: are you an analytic shopper? A visual browsing bruiser? No matter how you like to shop, we make it simple. Stay on top of new shapes and shop visually by the latest series, or shop analytically through our bulk order matrix.

Working with Proxy is never a hassle: forgo early wrinkles from the frustrations of lousy invoicing. With our no-hassle wholesale invoicing, you and your accounting department automatically receive detailed invoices on each and every order.

Share your cart with anyone: Get your dream order approved by your local credit card overlord by sharing your cart with them for review. Use the Cart Snapshot to generate a link so they can see everything you've added, down to the last bolt.

Meet your new best friend, our bulk ordering matrix.

No more paper spreadsheets - with your Proxy account, the Bulk Ordering Matrix makes every step of adding to your hold supply beyond brilliant.

Experience it for yourself.
A screenshot of the bulk ordering page.
A screenshot of the bulk order sorting feature.
  • Shop just how you like: sort sets by newest, by popularity, or by brand
  • Quickly add multiple quantities, colors, and sets from one page
A screenshot of bulk order page featuring the previously purchased and in cart indicators.
  • Check for previously purchased sets - the more you've ordered, the more useful it is
  • Check for sets already in your cart
A screenshot of the in stock option of the bulk order page.
  • Get what you need quickly! View in-stock options easily
A screenshot of bulk order page featuring the image detail on hover feature.
  • Powerful filtering to easily find what you're looking for: open and close the categories you're interested in
  • Image detail on hover from the Matrix page
A routesetter kneeling in front of red climbing holds.

It's better on the Proxy side of the fence.

Grip greatness without the wait: We don't slow down for anything! We're like the Keanu Reeves of hold production, always keeping the Proxy bus at 80mph - without the threat of death, of course. Ditch the traditional manufacturing waiting period and peek at our in-stock sets. Sets we don't have on hand are poured custom for you and have an unbeatable average turnaround time of three weeks.

Any friend of Vertical Solutions is a friend of ours: We offer a hold credit to anyone who purchases walls or floors through our sister company, Vertical Solutions. User your square footage credits directly on anything available on our site.

Order confidently with the powerful cart analytics.

A screenshot of the cart analytics feature.
A screenshot of the climbing hold attribute table.
  • Summaries of set and individual hold quantities, by shapes, size and color
A screenshot of the visual climbing hold attribute charts.
  • Visual charts showing color by shape and size in your cart
  • Sort within your cart by brand, color, shape, and size
A screenshot of the cart sub-total break down.
  • Price, weight, and price-per-hold totals
  • Hardware report recommending needed bolts for your new sets
A screenshot featuring the filtering function of the visual charts.
  • Click on any category on any of the charts to see those specific items sorted within your cart
A Proxy employee pouring polyurethane plastic into a climbing hold mold.