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Setter Summit

Join the professional setting community.

Welcome to Setter Summit! In collaboration with Vertical Solutions and The Front Climbing Club, The Setter Summit is designed to uplift setting professionals within the climbing industry. This event is all about recognizing the importance of your route setting career, providing learning opportunities and skill improvement, and teaching how to service their local communities more effectively. This is a space for setters to come together, network, and share ideas and experiences.

Save The Date: Fall Setter Summit
A routesetter attaching a climbing hold to a wall.

September 11-14, 2024 in Salt Lake City

Pre-Summit Events Begin September 9
Previous Clinics Have Included:
  1. CWA Intro to Route Setting Clinic: Introduction to the standard practices and methods, geared for new setters and future setters.
  2. Intro to Rope Setting Clinic: Introduction to standard practices and methods at heights, with a focus on efficiency, technique, and setting proper movement & flow.
  3. Mentorship Clinic: Learn pedagogical and organizational tools of teaching, a specific and often overlooked skill. Learn to lead clinics and mentor setters on your own team.
  4. Youth Nationals Training Camp Clinic: Led by USAC L5 setters, you'll focus on nationals-level competition setting, with a focus on youth competitors.
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A group of routesetters discussing standard practices.
Improve Your Skills

Each of our curated clinics focus on different core competencies within the setting world. Our goal is to give you every opportunity to build upon the skills you already have and teach you a few new ones.

Our clinic coaches come from across the climbing world and across the country, bringing a diversity of experience to each clinic. You'll learn from the best, as well as learn from your fellow attendees all week long.

Connect With The Community

The Setter Summit is more than just a skill-building retreat. Of course, learning technical skills is a big part of what we'll do, but we've also created a space where setters can actively grow their network. It's an opportunity for setters from across the country to come together to establish life-long connections through interaction, education, and shared experiences.

To ensure there's time to broaden your setter's circle, we're hosting a variety of social events. Meet up and make new connections during our happy hour mixers, the Hold Exposition, or during the Grip Showcase finals party.

A routesetter attaching a climbing hold to a wall.