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About Us

A view of the Wastach Mountains in Northern Utah

Greetings from Proxy.

We're Proxy, a unique group of outdoor enthusiasts, route setters, engineers, and artists who share a love of climbing. We've come together from our various corners of the industry to create something bigger and bolder. For us, climbing is more than a pursuit or livelihood; it's a lifestyle that influences what we do and how we choose to create.

Proxy humbly began in 2010. With the help of our sister companies, Vertical Solutions and The Front Climbing Club, we've had the great fortune of finding our rightful place within the indoor and outdoor climbing communities. Like the companies that came before us, Proxy heavily invests in quality and aesthetics. As a result, our designs and materials depart from the previously accepted "norm". What can we say? There's nothing like bringing products to life that we like to play with too.

Where We're From.

Our home base of Salt Lake City is one of the world's premier climbing epicenters. Here, we are immersed not only in climbing culture, but in what is considered one of the most substantial business centers nationwide. Salt Lake is a daily source of inspiration—the Wasatch Mountains and Utah’s deserts fuel our imaginations and galvanize our designs. We're proud to call this city home and to say all of our manufacturing is done right here in the USA.

What We're Here For

Proxy provides every essential item that a climbing gym or wall might need. We have the ingredients all in one space, making it painless to create a masterpiece. By simplifying the one-stop-shop process, we can focus on creating products with integrity and ingenuity while you focus on building the climbing dream.

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