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The words 'Setter Summit' on top a pile of bolts.

Setter Summit

Level up your setting and join the professional community this June.

Vertical Solutions and Proxy Climbing are thrilled to invite you to this year’s Setter Summit from September 11th to September 14th.

This year's event is tailored for experienced setters, offering a diverse array of clinics including WAH training, Setting for PARA Athletes, and CWA's PRS courses. These sessions are designed to enhance your skills, earn industry certifications, and elevate your abilities to the next level.

We have the following clinic options available:

·         CWA WAH Clinic Level 1

·         CWA WAH Clinic Level 2

·         Form vs Function with Jonathan Brandt

·         PARA Setting with Nohl Haeckel

·         CWA PRS level 1-2 Direct Entry Certificate (Available Soon) 

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A routesetter attaching a climbing hold to a wall.

Additional Networking Socials. 

In addition to our clinics, attendees are invited to join us for networking and hangout events:

  • Proxy & Waffles: Enjoy delicious waffles provided by Kodiak Cakes, followed by tours of the Proxy/Vertical Solutions Shop.
  • Grips Showcase Climbing Sesh & Dinner: Explore the latest climbing holds on the market. Test out your favorite brands, then relax with free dinner and drinks.
  • Petzl Belay Tour Experience: Spend time with Petzl’s newest equipment, test the Petzl Neox, and enjoy a brand-new climbing film.
  • Q&A Session with Vortex Routesetting Experts: Justin and Foxman will present their latest data on the routesetting community and share insights on industry trends and movements.
A routesetter attaching a climbing hold to a wall.